We have been performing for children’s parties since 1981! Experience is invaluable.

We are the children’s party specialists! We have performed at thousands of parties over our 39 year history having started the trend back in 1981! In fact, we are now performing for the children of the children of the children these days! We continue to play an integral part in the creation of wonderful childhood memories. We are often spotted driving to and from shows and regularly have adults pulling up beside us at traffic lights calling out, ‘Hey you did my party when I was 5. I’m 25 now!’ It always gives us that warm, fuzzy feeling.


These characters are our most popular for children’s parties. The birthday person’s age or party theme may have some bearing on which character you choose. Average duration is approximately 60-75 minutes.

On arrival, your chosen character/s will greet the birthday person with a cheery Happy Birthday and then set about sitting the children down to watch the show. It takes about 2 minutes to set up and is fully self contained. The shows are presented in the true Ship-O’-Fools tradition.

All the shows include 3, 4, & 5 ball juggling, club & cricket bat juggling, plenty of magic tricks, music, a game and for the finale, club and cricket bat juggling on a 6’ foot unicycle! Throughout the show the children and adults are kept very amused with Ship O’ Fools quick wit and very funny patter. We are excellent at improvisation. As you can imagine, anything can happen at a children’s party and Ship O’ Fools is well equipped to handle any situation that may arise! The actual performance is about 35 minutes long and is chock-a-block full of what we call “WOW” factor!

Following the show, all the children will receive a balloon sculpture of their choice. We can make an array of sculptures including, puppy dogs, mice, birds, swords and flowers to name just a few.

Willy Doodrop, Buccaneer Bob and Cowboy Bill can all be matched with BUBBLES the Clown for a duo show.

The Duo Show has the added bonus of verbal interjections, partner juggling routines and slap-stick. BUBBLES creates havoc on stage and from within the audience. This is where you’ll see her at her cheekiest!


These characters are available for visits to play groups, preschools, big schools, shopping centres clubs and functions.

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