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Bubbles and Supa Squirt Water Saving Show


The Bubbles and Supa Squirt's Water Saving Show

THE BUBBLES & SUPA SQUIRT WATER SAVING SHOW has been touring the Hunter Region since 2006. In mid 2020, we reached the astonishing milestone of 1,045 performances!! The performance is a riotous romp highlighting how wasteful we can be with water and promoting simple ways to use less water. It is a 35 minute clown show which is especially suitable for preschoolers through to stage 1and 2 students.

The performance incorporates the use of clowning, circus skills, magic, slap stick, music and song to deliver a very entertaining and memorable experience to everyone who sees it, including the teachers. The show centres around Supa Squirt, the Supa Water Saving Man, teaching Bubbles the Clown eight handy hints on how to save water in and around the home while doing everyday tasks. These tasks include showering, bathing, cleaning your teeth and flushing the toilet as well as jobs in the yard. Bubbles even turns into a ‘drip detective’ to find the leaking tap. As Bubbles learns along the way so do the children in the audience.

The Water Cycle is explained in a very unique way and we also play the Catchment Game as a role play demonstration of what a catchment is and how it works. An indoor area with electricity supply is required. Your school hall, library, double classroom would be suitable. We allow a set up time of 30 minutes. Performance time is 35 minutes.


Trash & Treasure Show (Especially Suited to Preschoolers)

Highly succesfull 40 performance tour of LMCC area March to June 2017.

Buccaneer Bob turns ‘Eco Pirate’ after he is shipwrecked and ends up tangled in garbage.

He sets out to find the culprit, First Mate Bubbles the Clown, to teach her to stop littering, avoid packaging, reduce waste and to re-use and recycle whatever she can. By teaching Bubbles to sort her TRASH correctly, into the right bins, she, in turn, learns to TREASURE her environment

Bubbles learns to:

Reduce packaging, food waste and litter…bin it, take it with you, take or bin extra
Use green bags instead of plastic bags
Rules for sorting garbage-The 3 bin system is fully explained and demonstrated using magic, clowning and juggling routines. We encompass the rules for sorting garbage into the red, yellow and green lid bins and the importance of getting it right. The rules are then cemented in the children’s memory with audience participation in a ‘sorting contest’. The ‘Bin Inspector’ checks the contents explaining the consequences of breaking the rules…increase in landfill, effect on the oceans and marine life.
We go on to mention the benefits of composting along with the benefits of walking, riding (with unicycle riding) and car pooling to help to keep the planet clean.

Magic, clowning and song are ‘littered’ – excuse the pun – throughout the show to grab the children’s imagination along with their participation by using Buccaneer Bob’s favourite catch cry throughout the performance:

A R R R …Avoid – Reuse – Reduce – Recycle

Buccaneer Bob and Bubbles celebrate her new-found knowledge with an inter-active song and dance. COPYRIGHT MAY 1ST 2014



The Waste Wrappers show was originally developed for Hunter Councils and toured throughout 9 council regions in 2015/16. It focused on the correct recycling / disposal of soft and hard plastics as well as batteries…red & yellow lidded bins. It has since been tweaked to include the green lidded bins and re-tweaked to now include the food scraps bin that can now also be recycled to the green lidded bin using compostable bags. This system was introduced by Lake Macquarie City Council in
2018. We toured the show to 35 schools in the LGA teaching the children the new system and its rules. It is an engaging, entertaining and inter-active clown show that clearly gets the important messages across. It includes juggling, magic, original songs and audience participation. It is designed in such a way that we can add and remove information as it is updated or for different councils using different systems.



Perfect as an example for your entertainment unit or as an end of term or year reward.


is one of Chris’s more popular characters. He performs juggling with balls, clubs, cricket bats and machetes. He does hat tricks, performs magic, rides and juggles on his 6′ unicycle and interacts with the audience ‘off the cuff’ to great amusing effect


is one of my favourite characters. She is Mr. Doodrop’s side-kick and torments him no end! Chris and I work together to compliment each others performances with slap-stick, partner juggling and adding mood music via the saxophone throughout the show where appropriate and work off-the-cuff very effectively together. We can read each others mind like a book and I usually know what Mr. Doodrop is going to say before he does- sometimes I even say it for him!


Chris Kelly

has been performing professionally for many years. He has a B.A. with majors in Drama and Classical Civilisations from Newcastle University having graduated in 1982. In 1983 he travelled to Northern California in the United States to undertake a year-long full-time intensive study of Commedia dell’Arte at the Commedia dell’Arte School of Mime, Comedy and Physical Performance. He toured Northern California in Moliere’s “The Flying Doctor” in which he played the lead role. Since that time he has performed many hundreds of shows which are all heavily influenced by the Commedia dell’Arte style. This theatre style is his passion and forte and he enjoys nothing more than passing on his expertise in this field. His workshops never fall short of expectations whilst his enthusiasm and passion for the style permeates every participant.

COMMEDIA dell'ARTE (Comedy of the professional actor)

originated in the sixteenth century in Italy. For the next two hundred and fifty years it was the most popular form of theatre in Europe. Because the performers wore leather masks, their style of theatre was larger than life – very much like a cartoon. The actors themselves were gifted in many aspects of performance i.e: music, acrobatics, circus skills, mime and poetry which they used to enhance their productions.

Originally performing in the streets and market places, they became so popular that they performed regularly in the Royal Courts of Europe. In fact, Louis XIV was one of their patrons. This style of performance is energetic, exciting and a lot of fun. Commedia dell’Arte is the best foundation for all forms of theatre. Their influences can be seen on Shakespeare and the Moliere through to the Marx Brothers and The Young Ones just to name a few.


is another of Chris’ passions. There is a clown in all of us and Chris’ techniques for it’s discovery are limitless. It is another facet of his expertise which he unleashes regularly in his Clowning and Circus workshops.Click here to read testimonials from Take Control and Links to Learning youth workshops.

If you would like more information about Chris’ workshops, please contact us.